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Although there were many more, last January I listed seven goals I was hoping to pursue in 2014. I wrote then that I would report to you on …”which goals were met, how many were missed or abandoned, and those that were partially completed.” So, here goes…

1. The first goal was to have our town newsletter, the Town Crier, back in business and mail out two issues. With the support of past editor Joyce Ryan and now under the leadership of the new editor, Nancy Dow, that goal was met. This year Nancy will put together four issues.

2. The second aim was to have the dormant town website active by February 24th. We made that goal, mostly, but it’s still a work in progress. Last year we had to depend on our website manager to post new items, and it was a cumbersome, once-a-month process, and all the pages haven’t been thoroughly updated. This year, we are looking to revamp the site and have it constructed so that we no longer have to depend on a third party and we can post items ourselves.

3. I missed the next goal. I said, “I will look into local laws that govern signs and see if that is something the town wants to consider.” Never got to that, although I do think it is something the board should study.

4. I said, “I will approach the county legislature and ask for tax relief for election costs.” Working through the Clinton County Supervisors Association, several towns presented our complaint. The legislature listened to our case, they presented theirs, and they arrived at a unilaterally decided position. While I still think the county should foot the entire bill and not charge-back any costs related to elections (for example, they don’t “charge back” for any sheriff’s department expenses!), this one is over.

5. Another goal was to see if the board wanted to pursue the latent 2009 Department of State grant. Under a drop-dead deadline of December 31st (the fifth year of a four year grant), the board culminated that sleeping award and made improvements at Picketts Corners Park and had a Master Plan produced that lists future possibilities for park growth and change.

6. In the town’s Comprehensive Plan, action goal 3.3 mentions developing a Saranac History Trail. I was hoping to have that explored, but that goal was not met.

7. Finally, we needed to address three complex bridge issues on True Brook Road, Ganong Drive, and Dashnaw Road. The county is heading up the True Brook remediation and while they had originally planned to have it done in 2010, that date has been moved many times. Most recently it has been moved from 2017 back to 2015. The good news is we’ve been saving money for that cost for several years and unless there are some unexpected surprises, we are covered for that expense. We’re progressing with Ganong Drive. We have had a hydrology study completed and have budgeted for the next step, an engineering study, to be done early this year. When that is finished, we will continue working with New York State officials who will help us get the needed FEMA funding. The Dashnaw Road however is just totally stalled. The Rochester firm who is representing our attempt at getting FEMA aid has not heard any news from the federal government, none at all. We were told we scored high in a test of need, but still there has been no movement, whatsoever.

But you have to know, any project that does or doesn’t get done is a group effort. I work with a Town Board made up of individuals who welcome challenges; and I am extremely grateful for their willingness and energy to attend to town business on your behalf. On to 2015.


Supervisor, Town of Saranac
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