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As we slowly approach winter’s end…

While there are too many town undertakings to mention all of them, I’ve randomly picked nine for some brief comments:

JCAP GRANT AWARDED A big “Thank-you” goes to Justice Jill Myers who secured a NYS Justice Court Assistance Program grant of $990.50 for a minor construction job and courtroom enhancements.

FLATWATER CHALLENGE THIS SUMMER With mid-winter’s icy fingers still tightly gripping, it might take some imagination to conjure up paddles and swimwear, but the Saranac Flatwater Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th. We’re encouraging Saranac residents to enter in this summer’s event.

COMPTROLLER’S AUDIT ON LINE We responded to the Comptroller’s audit. The examiner was in Town Hall for six weeks and one day last summer. You can find the report at http://www.osc.state.ny.us/localgov/

FREQUENT USE OF TOWN HALL One of the less mentioned features of our community is that many town residents have benefited from using the main room of Town Hall for special family events.

WATER PLANTS NEED ATTENTION The Redford Water Plant is aging and is in need of infrastructure repairs and upgrades. The Redford Water Board has been active in assessing requirements, necessities, essentials, and wants and wishes. The Standish Water District will be addressing the USDA Rural Development grant and loan funding package in order to upgrade that system.

ICE RINK A SUCCESS The way government should work – Resident approaches board with question - “What ever happened to the ice rink behind Town Hall?” Board responds. A local donation. Town staff provides labor. Residents enjoy winter recreation activity.

WELCOME PACKET TO COME The Town Board is looking at our Town Crier editor’s suggestion of producing a welcome packet for new town residents. More on this as it develops.

WEB DESIGN ON THE WAY Our website is being completely redesigned so that a designated town board member will be able to post items in a more timely manner rather than having a webmaster post updated information once a month.

ENGINEERING ANALYSIS TO BE SCHEDULED The hydrology report is completed and the next step is having the engineering study done on the Ganong Drive washout.

So, with all the warmth generated from the hub-bub of town activities, I’ll look eye-to-eye at pre-cabin fever and confrontationally ask Shakespeare’s Much Ado question, “Why, what’s the matter, That you have such a February face, So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?”


Supervisor, Town of Saranac
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