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In response to the Visioning Workshop that was held at Picketts Corners Park on July 8th, the town pool’s season will be extended until August 24th. Also in response to that evening’s conversations, the signs at the pool will be upgraded. Thanks to Recreation Leader Brent Cringle, Building Maintenance Worker Rick St. Louis, and Board Member Dan Carter for their efforts. A special thank you to past Councilman Bob Blair for donating the workmanship on the new wooden sign. Other Community members were also involved in donations: Eric Van Nostrand, Clark and Jodi Currier, Kevin and Shari Spaulding, Roman Miner, and Jerry Delaney. Lifeguard Jake Liberty did a great job painting the locker rooms and the fence. Dan was instrumental in helping to form the local farmers’ market. The Saranac Green Market on the town green got off to a successful start. Local Farmers reported a stronger than anticipated first market.

Town Board Member Jerry Delaney has been coordinating efforts with the Department of Conservation and our Summit Stewards. The Town Board is interested in the results of that shared services program and look forward to the final reports given at the end of the summer from Stewards Cheryl Wiley and Mike Terry. Jerry is also continuing to investigate for the Board the feasibility of changing the Town Hall’s heating system from oil to biomass.

Redford Water District Advisory Board members, whose Town Board Liaison is Councilwoman Michele Petrashune, has been addressing several issues dealing with that district. On the recently formed Water Board are Mike Plumadore, Carson Arnold, Mary McWhinney, Mary Bell, Buddy Cringle and Buck Terry. Thanks go to Michele for her leadership in finding the volunteers and for that group’s interest in tending to district needs.

Roman Miner, liaison to the highway department, has been active in helping to write the town’s policy on Prevention of Workplace Violence and he is also on the Town’s negotiating team. He also has been working on forming a Saranac Water District Advisory Board. If you are a Saranac Water district member and would like to volunteer to be on that board, please contact Roman.

The State Comptroller’s Office has started its audit of the town. Examiner Alex Fregeau will be focusing on 16 areas of the Town’s business including the accounting system, payroll, budgeting, board oversight, and cash receipts/disbursements to name just five. He plans to be here in Town Hall for four to six weeks and then prepare his final report.

As I ask them monthly, we continue to hear from Stantec Engineering and there is still no Federal or State movement on our Square Dashnaw bridge washout. We have gotten the completed Hydraulic Study done of Corners Brook on Ganong Drive and the next step will be to have an engineering study done on that washout. The county’s plans for work on True Brook Road bridges is scheduled for 2017. Hardscrabble Road Bridge is scheduled for 2015.

Many more activities of the town board could be mentioned here but time and space limit my comments. So I encourage you to scan the board minutes. While they are not intended to give you detailed information, you can see by the varied items the wide array of topics your Town Board has been addressing. And, I can assure you that although I may find the following quote applicable to my personal life at home, it certainly does not define the activity level of your town board members: “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability (S. Keen).”


Supervisor, Town of Saranac
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